How can i get your contacts.I am writing on hehalf of a village near lake Victoria in kenya.My village is loosing allot of top soil from soil erosion.The villagers were tricked by the Kenya government to plant sugar cane which uses allot of nitrogen phosphate to grow and as a result our rivers are polluted and the rivers are flowing to Lake victoria and and polluting it more

The EarthAction Team

Please write us at contact (at)! We would love to help raise awareness about your situation.


Hello, We are an NGO and we work in the field of the protection of environment and it would be a pleasure for us relation of partnership establishes between our NGO and your organization. Thank you.


Dear the responsible of EartthAction

I should like to express my appreciation of the great work you are doing throughout the world in favour of environment for without this any life is not possible

In fact we are a Togolese NGO called CETAAD (Centre of Technical Studies for Development Actions). We are aiming for the promoting of the base development in poor communities.

Our purposes are:

-fighting poverty upon all its ways while insuring people well-being;

-promoting the base development in poor communities in order to keep people in their locality

-protecting children’s rights and ensuring their well-being

-preserve, protect and improve the environment.

-preserve the biodiversity.

In sight of increasing our ways of defend environment we would like to adhere to your network and be a permanent member among you and be part as far as possible to your activities.

We are looking forwards to hearing from and wish to keep up the good work.



Cordinator of CETAAD

Gerald Godwin


Will you please send me youe e mail contact.

We are a Christian Relief/Development Mission, based Mwanza, Tanzania.

We have some thig to communicate to you.Please send us your e mail address.


Ewa Krason

Dear EarthAction,

I am particularly interested in the relationship between global warming, and genocide. The most recent manifestation of this relationship is seen the current situation in Darfur, as referenced in Ban Ki Moon's article in the Washington Post in mid 2007. While I understand that the United Nations is not acknowledging Darfur as a genocide, it is obvious that droughts (caused by climate change) are the cause of the "conflicts" there. While it was a big story in 2007, sadly it no longer as prominently featured in the news.

Since EarthAction is a forum that seeks to inspire people to take action to save our Earth, I was wondering if EarthAction could dedicate a post to global warming, and its DIRECT effect on genocides, and wars. Thus, in order to revamp media attention toward genocide, I was thinking that you could frame the situation in Darfur using global warming.

Once people realize that global climate change is not just about an increase in the Earth’s temperature, they will be more likely to take individual action in both matter (global warming, and the genocide in Darfur). As citizens of developed nations, we need to bear the responsibility for creating global warming through our overwhelming greenhouse-gas emissions. Bearing the responsibility should not only mean attempting to stop global warming, but also it should mean taking responsibility for the problems that global warming has caused, such as genocide and political strife in developing nations.

Thank you,


me gusto mucho esto los amo

Kesh Bahadur Pariyar

We need joint working with your organization.
so please send us more information and keep in touch regularly ok !

Kesh Bahadur Pariyar
Literary Academy for Dalit of Nepal(LAD-Nepal)
Kathmandu, Nepal

Michelle Moriarty

Dear Earth Action,

What is stopping the American people in a huge class action lawsuit from suing Coal burning electric power plants and energy companies for polluting our publicly owned air? I feel like it should be legal to dump tons of our trash on the property of coal burning power plants to show them they are polluting Americans airspace just as we are polluting their property. Our Federal Government regulates our publicly owned airwaves and publicly owned radio, television, and cellular requencies in our atmosphere, well, the air is publicly owned also. I think it is time to sue the most polluting energy companies as they burn coal, sue them for causing cancern, lung disease, asthma in thousands of americans, and for contributing to climate change.


Can you please let me know if any environmental attorneys have sued coal burning power plants to prove they don't have the right to pollute? I feel like a court case of this type would change the game, it would make it too expensive a liability for polluters to continue endangering the health of Americans. They'd close their polluting power plants or convert quickly to clean energy.

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