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August 19, 2008


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Another reason offshore drilling is bad is that with increased global warming comes increased hurricane activity, which tend to disable/destroy platforms/refineries near offshore platforms, which in turn leads to fluctuations in availability/price. It would be interesting to produce a graph of gas price fluctuation compared with hurricane activity. And fluctuating gas prices are not something we need more of.


Interesting list. I'm debating this for a forensics league and you certainly gave me some excellent ideas for the side thats against deepwater offshore oil drilling.

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interesting list. I'm debating this for a forensics league and you certainly gave me some excellent ideas for the side thats against deepwater offshore oil drilling.


make us that graph nancy drew

Bob jones

When anyone wants to make a claim that drilling of any sort is a cause or is of any relation to global warming, I feel the need to petition to congress to put something in place to keep them from reproducing. To say that offshore drilling increases the risk of massive oil spills into other creatures habitats, that is absolutely true. But to say that offshore drilling has caused, contributes, makes, or has anything to do with global warming is just as ridiculous as claiming that people who wear contacts are responsible for the wildfires in America. Just think! They don't use those cumbersome glasses anymore, they would sooner throw them out of the window than have to look at them again! What do you think happens to those glasses that get thrown out the window when sunlight passes through them like a magnifying glass? Bingo there you go. TELL CONGRESS TO STOP MAKING CONTACT LENSES.

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